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  • Taneel: Archivist, can you confirm what my translator is reading, here?
  • Grand archivist: The script is a bit faded, but it says...
  • Grand archivist: "The... Continuum... of Makers."
  • Taneel: Good lord. Orla. ORLA!
  • Orla: Yes, captain?
  • Taneel: This is a Veetan ship's log from 320 years ago. They... encountered the Continuum.
  • Orla: What?? But that's... What does it say??
  • Taneel: That's just it: It says nothing! It was a standard, ship-to-ship greeting. Pleasantries were exchanged, both captains passed token gifts...
  • Taneel: But the Continuum didn't...
  • Taneel: ... attack.


  • This is the first time an automated translator is used.