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  • Nosh's Grandfather: You are Familia, are you not? ... Where are you on the family tree?
  • Fernando: Oh. Uh... here.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: Ah... Ah yes! I served under your grandfather! ... Before he was emperor, of course.
  • Nosh: Grand-pa-pa, please. Our time is short. Have you seen this creature or not?
  • Nosh's Grandfather: I don't think so, no. Tell me, friend: What do you know about yourself?
  • Skitter: Nothing. Aside from being able to fly a shop, I don't get what all the fuss is about me. I'm nuthin' special.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: No, no, no... Don't talk like that. Never talk like that.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: Our minds tell us we are nothing, while our hearts insist that we are everything. You must always err towards your heart.
  • [Skitter is pensive, while Nosh's grand-pa-pa smiles at him]
  • Nosh: ... Biologically, he has two hearts.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: Nosh.


  • It turns out that the eldest do have wisdom and quotable sayings.