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  • Meanwhile, aboard "La Invencible"
  • Emperor Cruz: Ah, cousin! What delights do you bring from the fleet this week?
  • Cousin: [off-screen] Bad news, I'm afraid.
  • Cousin: We've lost eight ships to the Drive.
  • Emperor Cruz: Well that's not particularly bad news
  • Cousin: ... and fifty six ships to the Continuum.
  • Emperor Cruz: Sálvame. Really??
  • Cousin: ... And with every ship, they broadcast the message.
  • Emperor Cruz: What is it, again...? "Go back"?
  • [tablet computer repeats the message "Return. ad nauseam]


  • This is the first time this cousin of La Familia appears in the comic.
  • It is unclear if the message really means "go back", but it is more likely that The Continuum Of Makers wants something returned to them.[1]
  • see "Spirit theft" on Page 0004