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  • Nosh's grandfather: What brings you out to the meditation huts, Nosh? This is your time for journeying.
  • Nosh: My journeys have raised a question, grandfather.
  • Nosh: We are looking for a race of lost creatures. My friend, here, does not know his peoples.
  • Skitter: Hey.
  • Nosh's grandfather: Have you asked the humans? The always seem to... know... these things.
  • Nosh: They have no record of these people
  • Nosh's grandfather: Hmm. And have you checked our archives?
  • Nosh: My captain is searching there, now.
  • Nosh's grandfather: And so you have come here. Very well.
  • Nosh's grandfather: ... In a situation like this, we must begin by asking the trickiest questions, first:
  • Nosh's grandfather: Why don't you write?? Would it kill you to e-mail your grandpa, time-to-time???