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  • Taneel: OK people, huddle up. We need to talk strategy.
  • Taneel: Our one goal on Veeta is to find data on what's-his-guts, here.
  • Taneel: But rare knowledge is rarely written down.
  • Taneel: So! While Orla and I search the Veetan archives, I want Nosh, 'Nando aaaand...
  • Skitter: Me...
  • Taneel: You... to go visit elder-care centers.
  • Taneel: Find the oldest, most well-travelled Veetans on the planet... And see what they know. On a planet of travellers, I'm hoping somebody's seen one of these creatures.
  • Nosh: Ooo! We shall talk to 25-year olds! ... The oldest of the old!
  • Skitter: Wait, what? 25-year olds??
  • Nosh: So few live to that age!
  • Skitter: He did say "25 year olds," right?
  • Nosh: They have travelled everywhere, seen everything, and are filled with a tremendous sense of joy.
  • Nosh: The kind of joy a Veetan can only experience when they have--
  • Skitter: ... finally moved outta their folks' house?