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  • Taneel: What was that all about, Mr. Cruz?
  • Fernando: You know I can't tell you, captain. ... Familia business.
  • Taneel: BAH. "Familia business." ... Turns my stomach! All these secret meetings, secret messages, secret sign languages... How do I run a ship with all these secrets swirlin' around??
  • Fernando: Captain, you know if there was ever something dire you needed to know, I'd find a way to tell you, right?
  • Taneel: 'Nando, you're a damn good lad.... But it's all the secrets you don't know that get me nervous.
  • [Orla stares into void]
  • [Orla talks to Gustavo in sign language]


  • This is the first time someone who is not confirmed Familia uses the secret sign language.