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  • Skitter: So this is your home turf?
  • Nosh: Is home planet, yes! Have not been back for eleven years!
  • Skitter: Feel weird to be home?
  • Nosh: Very much.
  • Nosh: Is like eating cold pizza the next morning. Is similar to what you remember, but stiffer, and in a cardboard box.
  • Skitter: Always the food with you.
  • Nosh: Oooo... Food! Good idea! Let's get a bite while 'Nando talks to proconsul. You will like Veetan food!
  • Skitter: OK! What's a dish you recomment I tr-
  • Nosh: Two bowls of Taash, my good man! ... My friend has never had.
  • Veetan: Whoa whoa whoa... Are you pullin' my leg, or os that a real accent?
  • Nosh: Ha ha ha - no! Is real! I live in Earth city called "Moscow."
  • Nosh: Is fun place! ... They drink an industrial solvent called "Vodka."
  • Veetan: What does that have to do with...
  • Nosh: ... Even while brushing teeth! Is big-time activity


  • This is the first time this Veetan appears in the comic.