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  • Skitter: [off-screen] Daaang! This spaceport is huge.
  • Nosh: [off-screen] Is good size, yes! But Veeta has been spacefaring planet for 500 years... So our ports are much bigger than Earth's.
  • Skitter: Aw, snap! ... You hear that, 'Nando? Our boy's talking smack about your people.
  • Fernando: No he's not: It's true. Veetans were in space when the Wright Brothers were still in diapers.
  • Taneel: Quiet, lads. There's Familia walkin' towards us across the tarmac.
  • Fernando: Hrmm. Looks like it's... my uncle Gustavo. He's proconsul on Veeta. Somethin's up if he's here to greet us.
  • Fernando: ... I better talk to him.
  • [Fernando and Gustavo make a lot of weird hand gestures]
  • Skitter: Wow. A secret sign language. That's surprisingly creepy.
  • Taneel: Very little about that family isn't surprisingly creepy.
  • Nosh: Ooo! Ooo! 'Nando! Show me how to say my name with it!


  • This is the first time the secret La Familia sign language is used in the comic.