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  • Taneel: OK, Ms. xenobiologist, let's lay it on the line: What planet do we go first? Where do we find creatures like him?
  • Skitter: I'd start on Handsome-4, in the Handsome system.
  • Orla: It's tricky, captain. I've checked every database... Going all the way to Emperor Conrado's reign.
  • Orla: ... No human has ever reported a creature like him.
  • Orla: Surprisingly, the best place to start might be Nosh's home-world. His people are wanderers... and gatherers of facts 'n figures.
  • Nosh: Is true!
  • Nosh: ... Today I learn it is Grant who is buried in Grant's Tomb!
  • Orla: And the empire has only digitized a third of their libraries, so there's plenty to search.
  • Nosh: ... But wait. Hold the phones. Did other grants bury grant in Grant's Tomb? And if so, where is those Grants buried?


  • This is the first mention of the planet Handsome-4 and of the Handsome system.[1]
  • Nosh is referring to Grant's Tomb, in which - indeed - the 18th POTUS and his wife are entombed. The question "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" is often used as a joke riddle, because the answer is actually "no-one".


  1. not an actual planet, not an actual system