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  • Skitter: I don't get it: If your family has all the power in the empire... why do you guys still do the cruddy grunt-work in the Ring?
  • Fernando: Because the Ring is where our power comes from.
  • Fernando: Look, if you want to control an empire, you need to control transport. And if you want to control transport, you control the Ring.
  • Fernando: ... And only we control the Ring.
  • Skitter: But that don't mean you gotta work the wrenches. Hire some doofus for that.
  • Fernando: No way. Because eventually that doofus sells all he knows to the highest bidder.
  • Skitter: But you can't keep the secret forever! Eventually some company's gonna steal a ship and figure it out.
  • Fernando: IndústriaGlobo did, once. My great-grandfather sent half the armada to destroy their shipyards until they returned it.
  • Skitter: Oof
  • Fernando: And during my great-grandma's reign, they tried it again. She had their entire headquarters razed.
  • Fernando: ... Got it back the next day.
  • Skitter: OOF
  • Fernando: And when two officers broke into a Ring and locked themselves inside, my great uncle ordered the captain to fly the ship into a star.
  • Skitter: No way.
  • Fernando: And later, when plans for a Ring were stolen, he had the thieves ejected into space naked.
  • Skitter: Jeez! OK! Point made! I ain't goin' near the dang Ring.
  • Fernando: Also, it's like super cold in there. Like, for reals.


  • This is the first time we've seen 'Nando without anything covering his head.