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  • Skitter: Daaaaaang. What's wiith you, 'Nando? You get locked in the freezer?
  • Fernando: N-n-nn-no. I w-was just in the R-r-r-ring, check-kk-k-ing out the new s-sss-systems.
  • [door panel goes clik!, door goes LOCK]
  • Skitter: [off-screen] What the heck goes on in there? You're an ice cube.
  • Fernando: [off-screen] C-c-can't tell you. Only F-f-familia can know about it.
  • Skitter: C'mon, man. Don't I need to know how the ship works if I'm gonna pilot it?
  • Fernando: You d-d-don't need to knowww how a c-c-car works to drive it.
  • Skitter: But it's not the same thing!
  • Skitter: What happens if the Ring breaks, a Continuum ship pops out of nowhere, and you're not around to fix it?
  • Skitter: What do wo do then??
  • Fernando: Y-y-yy-you prolly diii-i-i-ie.
  • Skitter: Aaaaaaand thank you, freezing stutter, for making that sound extra FREAK-FACTOR-5,000.


  • There could be a great number of reasons why the Drive must be cooled. Control of air humidity, temperature-sensitive material, superconductivity (although it typically is at a much lower temperature than humans can survive in, but it's still possible), controlled density...
  • In a lot of places, knowing how the car works is required for a permit. Nonetheless, it is more than possible to drive it without knowing any of that.