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  • Skitter: [off-screen] Daaaaaaang. ... They spruced this ship up.
  • Skitter: That's real cowhide you're sitting on, captain.... not cheap pleather.
  • Taneel: And yet... the pleather is all mine.
  • Skitter: And check out my new pilot's chair! It can go anywhere on the ship... and still let me drive.
  • Orla: Ooo, let's test that out. I have to take you to the medical bay, anyway.
  • Skitter: Whoa. Hey. Slow down there, killjoy. ... What for?
  • Orla: Emperor's orders. I'm supposed to use any down time to research how your mohawk works.
  • Skitter: I can tell you how it works:: I don't let people take scalpels to it... and it works just fine.
  • Orla: Oh, relax, I'm not gonna take scalpels to it.
  • Skitter: Oh. So... you're just gonna...
  • Orla: Plaster it with the full e-m spectrum.
  • Orla: ... A little.


  • It is a fact that the comic would be less appreciated by its fans if it wasn't for the puns.