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  • Emperor Cruz: I should note you'll be keeping the Machito as your ship of operations.
  • Taneel: WHAT
  • Emperor Cruz: I can't give you back your battleship. This is a mission of secrecy, not firepower.
  • Taneel: The Machito's a dry-dock wreck! It's 17-years old!
  • Emperor Cruz: I have 200 engineers giving it a complete overhaul. It'll be a masterful little ship.
  • Taneel: They... already have a new Ring installed?
  • Taneel: Wow.
  • Emperor Cruz: And joining your crew will be Orla O'Malley: my junior adjutant imperial xenobiologist.
  • Taneel: No. No. Nonono no.
  • Emperor Cruz: But you'll need a xenobiologist if you're going to
  • Taneel: ... I don't accept new crew unless their title has at least six ridiculous words in it.