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  • Emperor Cruz: I will let you in on a secret.
  • Emperor Cruz: Every ship in our fleet -- and in the Continuum fleet -- has a governor on its speed.
    We fly slower than the Drive would allow, because no pilot, no computer, can react fast enough to oncoming debris in pinched space.
  • Emperor Cruz: But a fleet piloted by your squirrel-thing could take the Drive to its theoretical limits!
  • Emperor Cruz: ... And the Continuum would have no way to fight it!
  • Emperor Cruz: [off-screen] So here is what you will do: You will find his planet. You will find his people. And you will get them all fyling for me.
  • Emperor Cruz: [off-screen] ... By any means necessary.
  • Emperor Cruz: And to accomplish that, you'll have your pick of the finest crew in the fleet! ... A chance to pick the best of the best!
  • [sign says "enny's" (Denny's)]
  • Denny's Barista: Sir?
  • Nosh: Mmf?
  • Denny's Barista: We're closing
  • Nosh: Mmf.
  • Denny's Barista: ... and we're out of shakes.
  • Nosh: Mmf!