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  • Taneel: [off-screen] How do you even know about my pilot?
  • Emperor Cruz: Captain, La Familia controls every computer on every ship in "La Grande y Felicissima Armada"
  • Emperor Cruz: As soon as I knew my uncle's... killer... was on board the Machito, I began monitoring your every move.
    To personally ensure your conspiracy was brought to justice.
  • Taneel: Oh stop the charade. You were gonna kill us.
  • Emperor Cruz: But my dear! That little pilot of yours was an unexpected miracle!
  • Emperor Cruz: We have never seen anything like him. He single-handedly destroyed a Continuum ship!
  • Emperor Cruz: Think of what we could do with a fleet of little hims!
  • Emperor Cruz: Disregard your feelings for me, and think of the human race!
  • Emperor Cruz: We're no longer skirmishing with the Continuum. They're suddenly out to destroy us. And they can.
  • Emperor Cruz: ... We need a way to stop them
  • Taneel: Could we sue for peace?
  • Emperor Cruz: "Sue" for peace...? Would they accept the curt summons?


  • Suing for peace is a thing. It's more about agreeing on something than it is about actual courts.