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  • Emperor Cruz: You and I have a shared opportunity, captain.
  • Taneel: An opportunity?
  • Emperor Cruz: Indeed! To set things right! ... I have a war that's going badly, and you have a sentence that needs commuting.
  • Taneel: How it is that you kill your uncle and I end up with the jail sentence for it?
  • Emperor Cruz: You have a jail sentence because your Veetan killed the emperor.
    ... According to every official record on every planet you'll ever land on.
  • Taneel: Lovely.
  • Emperor Cruz: But now! Now we have a chance to put all that right! To fix your sentence and fix my war.
  • Taneel: And what do you need for that to happen?
  • Emperor Cruz: Just your little pilot, my dear captain.*Or rather... 10,439 Pilots exactly like him.


  • Apparently, there are 10 439 ships with Ring Drives in the armada.