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  • Nosh: I find is nice to have the separate metal milkshape cup...
    You finish one, and then is like "Oh ho: second shake for me!"
  • Taneel: You've put too much thought into it.
  • Fernando: Captain, the ship is saying you have a priority call coming in.
  • Fernando: Shall we head back and -
  • Taneel: Ship, route it here.
  • Fernando: Here? But it's a priority call!
  • Taneel: We're on the run from the entire imperial armada. Who do we need to put on airs for??
  • Fernando: Um... the emperor.
  • Emperor Cruz: Captain! I must speak with you abou--
  • Emperor Cruz: Whoa whoa whoa: Are you at Denny's?!


  • This is the first time Emperor Cruz appears in the comic. Note that the only one higher than him in the frame is Nosh, because Veetans are huge.
  • This is the first time the hologram is used as a means of communication. But it is not the last time we'll see the emperor use this.