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  • [Maker ship fires, shooting goes VAAT VAAT]
  • Skitter: [off-screen] Captain! They're firing microwave bursts!
  • Nosh: Ooof! Hide the popcorn!
  • Fernando: Ugh! Must you make that joke every time?
  • Skitter: Guys, I can't out-fly these dudes.
  • Skitter: Just 'cause I can see better don't mean I can drive better.
  • Nosh: Is not true!
  • Nosh: You just have to tell yourself "the magic was inside you all along"
  • Skitter: WHAT?
  • Skitter: What possible way could that help me defeat these jer--
  • [Taneel, Fernando and Nosh drink their milkshakes with a loud SSSSSSIPPP! and Skitter looks flabbergasted]


  • This is the first time ship-to-ship weapon technology is shown in the comic.
  • The milkshake place is mentioned in the previous page.
  • This page makes use of the Gilligan Cut trope.