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  • [pilot removes helmet, which goes tsssh.]
  • Skitter: The pilot's chair? You want me to steer this... steer?
  • Taneel: Yes, and quickly. That Continuum ship's getting better at piloting these asteroids. You gotta lose 'em.
  • Nosh: ... And when you do, I take us all for milkshake!
  • Skitter: --Wait. What do you mean when you say "lose 'em"?
  • Nosh: Ooo! Computer says nearest milkshake place is not far!
  • Skitter: I can't outrun them, I can't hide from them...
  • Taneel: You can thread a needle in an asteroid field. What do you think I'm asking you to do?
  • Skitter: Um... To fly...
    in a
  • Taneel: ... that causes us to "lose" them when they go "boom"
  • Nosh: And then milkshake for everybody


  • This human pilot has not appeared since this page. His helmet, however, reappears on Page 0168.