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  • Taneel: OK, I'll bite: What do you see with your mohawk, mystery man??
  • Skitter: I... gosh... that's hard to describe.
  • Skitter: I suppose I see gravity.
  • Skitter: [off screen] Or rather, gravity waves... and ripples.
  • Skitter: [off screen] Or, well, no... that's not quite right
  • Skitter: It's like a distortion, you know? Of space-time? But... not really, because the mass... of...
  • Skitter: What I see is...
  • Skitter: ...
  • Skitter: Stuff, all right?? I see stuff!
  • Skitter: Jeez, get off my case, mom.


  • This is not unlike describing sight to people born blind or an extra dimension to people who have no clue about higher mathematics. While it certainly is not impossible, it is not evident.