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  • Human con operator: [off-screen] Aw ★#?@!
  • Skitter: [off-screen] I told you to go left! How could you not see that coming?!?
  • Human con operator: See what coming??
  • Skitter: That pebble! It's gravity wave was clear as day!
  • Human con operator: Oh! Oh sure! Just keep my eyes peeled for gravity waves.
  • Skitter: Not your eyes, genius, your mohaw--
  • [Skitter is silent in sudden realisation]
  • Skitter: HA!
    I'm just know noticing you guys don't have mohawks.
  • Skitter: [sings] Awwkwaard


  • These swearing characters are called grawlix and it is not easy to find their unicode equivalent, as proved by the fact that the spiral has not been found for this wiki as of yet.
  • This comic came out before gravity waves were officially detected. They had been proposed by Einstein by this point, but it wasn't until 2016 that humanity was able to confirm their existence with an experiment. Given how small the effects of such a wave are even for black holes, Skitter has an unprecedented talent even by technological standards!