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  • Skitter: You're kidding me. You guys don't have ANY shields???
  • Nosh: Not like you are thinking, no.
  • Nosh: We can vaporize teeny bits of debris into plasma.... But we do not have "super-tough-guy-action shields"
  • Fernando: Super what?
  • Nosh: Our armada ships... have a 1-in-600 chance of catastrophic impact anytime we pinch space.
  • Skitter: I.... I'm gonna die in space.
  • Fernando: Nosh, that number is a lie, spread by the royal family. It's not 1-in-600... it's 1-in-400
  • Fernando: ... We lose five or six ships every week.
  • Skitter: Wonderful.
    Let's all thank Fernando for clearin' up the math, there.
  • [Skitter claps *slow clap* *...slow clap*]


  • Similarly to Skitter in the last page, Nosh seemingly knows about 21st century Science Fiction technology outside of the Drive universe, but this time he is called out by Fernando before he can fully break the fourth wall.