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  • Fernando: Captain, no! An asteroid field is certain death! Open space is bad enough... We can't intentionally fly into debris!
  • Skitter: Wait... why not? Just turn on your shields or doo-dads or whatever.
  • Nosh: What shields?
  • Skitter: Don't you have some kinda... energy bubble that can... I dunno... push aside material or somethin'? Like a snow-plow?
  • [silence, speech bubble tail wiggles away]
  • Skitter: Or some kinda... reinforced hull thingy... that can survive impacts at speeds of...?
  • [Skitter stares into void in realisation]
  • [Skitter and Nosh stare at each another]
  • Skitter: Imma skip a step and launch my escape pod now.


  • In reality, asteroid fields do not mean certain death. One object would be very far away from the next one (although it depends on the asteroid field exactly how far that is). However, it is not clear how the Ring Drive and the ship's artificial gravity affects the field.
  • Skitter references known Science Fiction tropes as seen on shows like Star Trek or similar.