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  • Human con operator: Captain, we've got trouble. A Moebius-class continuum ship is coming up behind us.
  • Taneel: Dios
  • Nosh: A moebius is figure-eight that goes loopty-loopty-loop.
  • Skitter: Yes
    thank you
  • Taneel: Nosh, quiet. Mr. Cruz, can you wring anything special out of the Drive?
  • Fernando: Captain, I can barely keep that Ring working. This ship is a heap.
  • Taneel: OK.
    Nosh, what do we know about Moebius ships we could use against them?
  • Nosh: ... Only unique thing is the Double-Rings. They pinch more than localized space.
  • Taneel: Wonderful. So they're bigger and faster... And I'm flying the dang car I had in high school.
  • Taneel: Options.
  • Taneel: Options, options options
  • Taneel: Con! Do the charts show any asteroid fields ahead?
  • Human con operator: One... But we can easily avoid it.
  • Taneel: We're not avoiding it. Fly us in
  • Nosh: Wait wait wait wait.... you saying your car in high school smelled this bad? I find hard to believe.


  • This is the first time this human pilot appears in the comic. The crew member is referred to as "con" (short for console, the post he occupies) and his real name is unknown.
  • This is the first time a holo helmet appears in the comic.