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  • Nosh: Captain, you stole this ship?!? You should not have done this! Now you are actual criminal!
  • Taneel: Nosh, we're already criminals in the eyes of the new emperor. Too loyal to the old regime.
  • Nosh: Yes, but now they chase you! You should have left me in jail!
  • Taneel: [pokes Nosh with a pok]
  • Taneel: I couldn't leave you in there. You're too pretty for jail.
  • Nosh: No! I am scrappy! I can scap with the scrappers in a scrappy way.
  • Taneel: Half of those aren't words.
  • Nosh: [stares into void]
  • Nosh: Captain... Why would tey say I kill emperor?? I would not do this thing.
  • Taneel: Nosh, I know that. You don't have a violent bone in your body.
  • Taneel: I can't even get you to play aggressively in Monopoly.
  • Nosh: Oof! Is too much anger in Monopoly.
  • Nosh: ... Share the railroads!
  • Nosh: Everyone benefits!