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  • Fernando: Before you go on the bridge, a word to the wise:
  • Fernando: The captain ain't a happy camper at the moment.
  • Fernando: When my uncle threw you in jail, he also took away her command. Said she "cavorted with regicide."
  • Nosh: I do not know this word, "cavort"
  • Fernando: The senior staff spent the last four weeks shipless, exhausting all our official options. We finally decided to steal this old scout ship to get you out.
  • Nosh: ... or "regicide"
  • Fernando: [off-screen] This thing's gravity barely works, the air filters smell like foot... The whole thing feels like flying through space in a Madrid cab.
  • Fernando: So as you go in, know that the captain is an unhappy captain.
  • Skitter: [to Nosh] ... And unhappy grandmother captain??
  • Taneel: An unhappy grandmother captain who'll put a boot up your
  • Fernando: Welcome aboard the Machito


  1. To prance, said of mounts
  2. To move about carelessly, playfully or boisterously.
  1. The killing of a king.
  2. One who kills a king.


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