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  • Taneel: [off-screen] It looks like we've lost the battle cruisers
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Mr. Cruz, bring nosh up to the bridge.
  • Nosh: What an honor, little friend! You are being escorted by the head of engineering himself!
  • Skitter: The head of engineering? This dude's like 13.
  • Fernando: 14
  • Skitter: So... what... you like wicked-smart or somethin'?
  • Fernando: No no no no no. I'm...
  • Skitter: Familia? What Familia?
  • Nosh: The Familia! The royal Familia! Only they are allowed into ship's ring. Only they can work on the Drive.
  • Fernando: Yep. Just the 1,200 of us.
  • Skitter: 1,200? But there's thousands of Drive ships in the armada.
  • Fernando: ... And that's the heart-warming story of how a 14-year old came to be an engineer.
  • Fernando: C'mon.