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  • Nosh: No! No stopping! We can find out your name later!
  • [writing on background says MAIN AIRLOCK]
  • Nosh: I bet we find in some random desk drawer! Next to old gum and paper-clips! ... Is always the case.
  • Skitter: What are you even saying?
  • Nosh: I'm saying we must go! This roof is about to come dow-
  • [tsssss]
  • Nosh: Oh.
  • Nosh: Fernando.
  • Fernando: Nosh.
  • [silent panel of awkwardness]
  • Nosh: 'Nando... Is all lies!! I did not kill your grandfather!
  • Fernando: Would I be holding open an airlock for you if I thought you had?
  • [steel I-beam goes KANG on Nosh's head]
  • Nosh: I suppose not
  • [steel I-beams go KONG KANG on Nosh's head]
  • Nosh: Still, this is awkward conversation moment!
  • Fernando: Only because you have steel I-beams hittin' you on the head.


  • This is the first time Fernando appears in the comic.