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  • "Nature," it is said, "abhors a vacuum."
  • [thoop]]
  • As it turns out, nature abhors a great many things. Such as scout ships that pinch space meters from a moon.
  • [FAMM!]
  • The moon, in such a case, ends up taking it in the kisser.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Nosh! We're Here!
  • Nosh: Yes. Yes. ... Is not subtle.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] How fast can you get to the airlock?
  • Nosh: I will go like cheetah! Big, fat cheetah! We arrive in no time!
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Whoa whoa whoa...
    "We"? Who's we?
  • Nosh: A new friend, captain! We must give him quarter - he risked his life to save mine. I owe him a life debt.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Good Lord. You and your life debts. How many are you up to now?
  • Nosh: ... Is now a baker's dozen!
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Learn to defend your dang self!!


  • A baker's dozen means 13.