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  • Nosh: So they put me in prison, even though I am not on same planet when emperor is killed.
  • Skitter: Whoa whoa whoa... Hold up.
  • Skitter: Are you eating pickles?
    Where you gettin' pickles?
  • Nosh: Oh, I take from mess hall. I hide them under shirt.
  • Skitter: I've seen.
    ... You've eaten like twelve.
  • Nosh: They are a delight! You want to try?
  • Skitter: No no no no no
    Go back to the story.
  • Nosh: Oh, OK.
  • Nosh: So! This is emperor. Big pickle in galaxy.
  • Nosh: But along comes little nephew pickle.
  • Nosh: [sings doo DEE doo]
  • Nosh: He is impatient. He wants to be bg pickle in galaxy, now. To rule pickle jar!
  • Skitter: Can we do this without the dang pickles??


  • This is the first time an unknown species with multiple eyes appears in the comic.