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  • Skitter: My head's all jumbly. I... Do I...? Do I know you?
  • Nosh: No.
  • Skitter: But... You're a prisoner?
  • Nosh: Yes
  • Skitter: And I'm a prisoner?
  • Nosh: Yes
  • Skitter: Do we at least know what we did?
  • Nosh: Our crimes?
  • Nosh: Well, I know for me. For you, who is to say? Perhaps wrong way on one-go street.
  • Skitter: hrm.
  • Nosh: But is OK.
  • Nosh: My captain gets me out soon. I take you to come with!
  • Skitter: Wait, what? Your Captain??
  • Nosh: Oh yes! I am science advisor in Imperial Navy. Is my job to translate tricky sciences talk into the plain Englishes.


  • This is the first time Taneel is mentioned.