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  • Nosh: Hey, little Friend!
  • Nosh: You 'wake!
  • Nosh: You very brave, little friend! You jump between me and guard's weapon. Thinking to save me, eh?
  • Skitter: [dazzed]
  • Nosh: Is brave, but not smart. You have leetle body. Like tiny Badger.
  • Nosh: Mine is big. Would not have hurt.
  • Nosh: [pats tummy] [pat pat pat]
  • Skitter: [looks confuzzled]
  • Nosh: Is OK! No need to talk!
    I carry you to prison infirmary.
  • Skitter: Prison?
  • Nosh: Ha ha! Yes! Prison Moon.
    ... You forget?
  • Nosh: You take boonk on head, I think. Need to rest.
  • Skitter: Wait. Stop. Why am I in prison? Who are you?
  • Skitter: And why do you have theat ridiculous accent??
  • Nosh: Ha! I run out of cab fare outside Moscow, once. Stuck there six years