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  • With the Singularity Ring breached, localized space around the ship un-pinches, revealing a surprisingly humble velocity across "normal" space.
  • ... and still the ship continues onward, ever onward.
  • The decades rolling into centuries. Unchanging and dead.
  • Or seemingly dead.
    For in that time, a diagnostic sub.routine powers up the shattered remnants of the ship's A.I.
    And slowly, year upon year, it attempts to stitch itself back together. But its memory core is gone... and most major systems are destroyed. It is a pale shadow of it's former self.
  • Still, it is not helpless: When a planet looms up in its path, the A.I. is able to spar its battered landing systems
  • ... and glide, unseen, past ountless satellites and orbital stations, eluding the combined technlogies of humanity.
  • Except for a single pair... of eyes.
  • Lonely eyes, on the desolate plains of Tabernas.
  • These are the eyes of a failed man.
    ... And they will build an empire.
  • [Conrado Cruz whistles]
  • End Drive Prologue


  • The first few panels, describing the ship's journey, take place from 1980 to 2081.
  • The last panels, featuring Conrado Cruz, take place in 2258.
  • This seems to be the biggest time jump in the comic: Centuries have passed between Ahmis going rogue and the Ring Drive being discovered by a Conrado Cruz. Given that more generations will have passed between this point and the rescue of Nosh and Skitter getting rescued by the crew of the Machito, this must have been quite a lengthy issue for The Continuum Of Makers. In fact, Page 6 tells us that the rest of the story continues 143 years later, which it does from this discovery.