Nuevo Chile

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A close-up of Nuevo Chile

Nuevo Chile is a planet in the DRIVE universe. It is used as a planet-wide headquarters for the Jinyiwei.[1]. Previously, the planet was a colony of the Second Spanish Empire, but thanks to its quick technological growth and development, a secession movement became popular.[2] Emperor Osvaldo established the Jinyiwei to quell this movement,[3] then banned Nuevo Chile from Ring Travel.[4] After the crew of the Machito visited it to attempt to disinfect Nosh from the Vinn virus, the planet was briefly occupied by The Continuum of Makers,[5] who had discovered it with a scout ship.


Nuevo Chile was a colony of the Empire, and even surpassed Du Fu in technological prowess. The fast-growing colony was led by César Cruz de Talca, a charismatic governor and member of La Familia. Citizens of the colony began to be known as Césaristas, and a movement to secede from the Empire became popular. Emperor Osvaldo, disapproving, had César executed and banned Nuevo Chile from Ring Travel.

Using the Jinyiwei to control the population, Osvaldo established Nuevo Chile as the planet-wide base for the Jinyiwei. It continued to operate as such until the Continuum of Makers discovered it, believing it to be the Human homeworld. They invaded the planet, and it became Continuum-occupied space. However, the Continuum eventually retreated,[6] allowing for the Jinyiwei to recommence their operations there.


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