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Nosh, in the line of Teffta
main character
First appearance:Page 0007
Full name:Nosh, in the line of Teffta
Title(s):Science Advisor, Machito
Species:Veetan (formerly Vinn)
Gender:assumed/addressed as male
Affiliations:Imperial Navy
formerly Vinn
Family:Nosh's Grandfather

Nosh is the current Science Advisor aboard the Machito. He is a Veetan, born some time before 2392. From 2392 to 2398 he was trapped on Earth due to lack of cab fare. He worked in a Moscow piroshki shop beginning in 2397[guest strip], but left in 2398, joining the Sevillana that same year. In 2401 he was falsely accused of killing Emperor Manuel Jose Cruz and imprisoned on a remote prison moon. He was broken out and served on the Machito before being infected by the Vinn parasite, but was then cured using Jinyiwei technology, although he seems to retain some residual powers.


  • He speaks Hybrid with a strong Russian accent, an effect of his Moscow residence.
  • He is the grandson of his grandfather.
  • He has some prejudice against Tesskans.[1] This is likely because his mother was captured or killed by Tesskans (possibly during the war with Tesskil)[2]
  • He really likes Tetris.[3]


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