Memories In Future Tense 6/9

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  • Memories In Future Tense
  • written and drawn by Mike Norton -
  • 6/9

  • Sarge: Listen up, nurslings!
    You know what's about to happen, so I'll spare niceties.
  • Sarge: The science temple has fallen. There's a good chance everything you know and love is 'gone'.
  • Sarge: But we aren't!
    As long as one of us still controls our own mind, this is still our rock.
  • Sarge: I will not be subjugated.
    And I promise that while I draw life fume, I will not let any of you be, either. 'Whatever' the cost!
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  • Tales of the Drive
  • Short stories set in the Drive universe.
    Written and drawn by today's best artists.