Memories In Future Tense 5/9

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  • Memories In Future Tense
  • written and drawn by Mike Norton -
  • 5/9

  • Vinnie: [writing] "We've made camp in the cutadel center. We have no doubt the Vinn will return and in much greater numbers."
    "Until then, I write to you and listen to the other survivors."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Irole and Deerole made the evening portion with what rations we could assemble. They are snipers from the lower regions.
    Irole makes fun of Deerole's eyesight."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Tikko is the last survivor of his cadre. He hasn't stopped pacing since the attack. Muttering formula or something."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Sinc is the medic. He is quiet and good-natured. He shared a story of his travels on the planet's surface."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Ziff, our munitions officer, told what may be the filthiest joke in the universe. I'm serious. It made Sinc vomit."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Rather than engage with them, I just listen..."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "... And think of you"
  • Vinnie: [writing] "And then, there's SARGE..."

  • Tales of the Drive
  • Short stories set in the Drive universe.
    Written and drawn by today's best artists.


  • This is the first appearance of Irole, Deerole, Sinc, Tikko, Ziff and Binko.