Memories In Future Tense 3/9

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  • Memories In Future Tense
  • written and drawn by Mike Norton -
  • 3/9

  • Vinnie: [writing] "Dearest Binko, I hope you weren't in the science temple when it fell in the first assault. I'm told the losses were great, but I still cling to hope"
  • Vinnie: [writing] "We've been charged with pushing back the Vinn invasion forces. Our only luck has been that they've been forced to ground since their ships cannot travel here."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "But still... They are many, and we are fewer and fewer each day."
  • Vinnie: [writing] "We were on the verge of giving up hope"
  • Vinnie: [writing] "Until the SARGE arrived."

  • Tales of the Drive
  • Short stories set in the Drive universe.
    Written and drawn by today's best artists.


  • This is the first mention of Binko.
  • This is the first appearance of the Sarge.