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  • Mard: Report then, seeker. What did you see?
  • Pre-maker: C-Colegium! May your spirits illuminate the universe! I am honored to be in your--
  • Filia: Yes, yes. But what did you see on Mind's Eye?
  • Pre-maker: I... I worked under the tutelage of the Maker Thonn. He of the great hydroponic spirits used in th

[Filia interrupts and slaps the pre-maker with his staff.]

  • Filia: Get on with it!
  • Pre-maker: On the third day of the attack, the Vinn discovered our remote lab in the mountains.
  • Pre-maker: There were only five of us, so Thonn ordered us to evacuate.
  • Pre-maker: As I prepped the Circle's End, I looked out the cockpit to see the Vinn overwhelm our lab.
    They... didn't kill. They held us down, and a... a spray was administered from some type of gland. Airborne, but close-quartered.
  • Pre-maker: I... froze to see it. And stayed frozen, until I heard a voice from under that mountain of bodies.
  • Pre-maker: It was Thonn... Yelling at me, screaming at me, to flee. So... I did.
  • Pre-maker: But as I raised the ship, I looked back to see the Vinn letting Thonn go.
  • Pre-maker: He stood up slowly, carefully, and looked directly at me...
  • Pre-maker: ...
  • Filia: AND??
  • Pre-maker: ...And was Vinn.



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