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  • Ahmis: We circled your ship a number of times before docking.
    And I'm sorry to say
  • Kik: Yer ship done broke.
  • Nosh: Ha! We keep building ship, the breaking ship, the building ship. Life is great big loopty-loopty-loop, no?
  • Ahmis: It, ah, is indeed.
  • Ahmis: [whispering] ..."loopty?"
  • Kik: [whispering] Don't lookit me.
  • Ahmis: Perhaps you can display your ship's plans, so we can begin triage?
  • Cuddow: Sure.
  • [Console goes "Va-Boop!"]
  • [Ahmis and Cuddow look at hologram of the Machito]
  • Ahmis: Ah.
  • Ahmis: Hmm.
  • [Ahmis and Kik look on with increasing confusion.]
  • Kik: Hmm.
  • Ahmis: Hmm.
  • Ahmis and Kik: Hmmmmm.
  • Nosh: Hee! You two make a lot of silly hmmms.

  • [Arrow pointing downward]
  • Dave: Hi pals! It's Dave Kellett!
  • Dave: I'm kickstarting a new book called Pugs Unleashed! Featuring this Li'l Guy!
  • [Dave points to Oso]
  • Dave: It's 264 pages of pug comics! Newly colorized!
  • Dave: This guy is very excited about it!
  • [Dave raises his hands in the air like he just don't care]


  • This page is called "Hmmmmmm".
  • This page was mistakenly published on March 8th, 2018, until Dave Kellett took notice and substituted in the correct page (Page 0289). It was added to this wiki before the correction took place. As such, this page marks the first time in the history of this wiki where the wiki was ahead of the official site.
  • Check out for Dave's newest kickstarting comic book all about pugs!
  • The Li'l Guy Dave speaks of is (presumably) not related to the Machito's Lil' Guy.