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  • Nameless Sill: ... But, your telepath has walls built up in his mind. You know this, yes?
  • Taneel: We do. He's lost his memories.
  • Nameless Sill: Not lost. They are there. Full and bright and dancing...
  • Nameless Sill: ... behind panes of opaque glass.
  • Nameless Sill: I can only see glimpses, but they are all of fairer days:
    Tall trees with high-built homes... filled with food and family. All set in endless jungles of blue.
  • Taneel: Blue jungles?
  • Skitter: Please... I have to know more! Can you shake more memories loose?
  • Nameless Sill: This is a choice for you to make, friend. I can not unlock a door your hold closed.
  • Skitter: I'm not holding it closed. Please don't play word games with me: If you can see my memories, you can fix them! You have to!
  • Nameless Sill: Friend, I can not. But you can. In the great Quiet.
  • Nameless Sill: Here, I will show you...
  • Taneel: Wait! No! SKITTER!

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