La Familia

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Starting with Conrado Cruz, La Familia is the royal family controlling the empire by controlling absolute monopoly over the FTL Ring Drive. Of the 7 000 family members[1], 1 200 of them are engineers[2] capable of handling the Drive. Members can communicate through a secret sign language[3] and they can all be reached via cochlear nerve implant instantly[4] in case of a Grand Council.

Drive Corps

At 13[5], familia members get drafted into automatic military service in the Corps for 10 years.[6]

Family Tree

The family tree of La Familia is incomplete, because not everything has been revealed about it yet. The complexity of this family tree has been hinted at on Page 0055. See also: List of identified Familia members
Conrado Cruz
*2198 †2269
Olgita Cruz
Pablo Cruz II
Manuel Jose Cruz
*2339 †2401
Emperor Cruz's Father
'Nando's father
'Nando's mother
Emperor Cruz


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