Freedo's Run 10/11

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  • Freedo: I'm sorry you got tangled up in all this. Really? The Klocknocks think you are me?
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: Maybe need new glasses prescription. Maybe we find them optometry coupons and make friends.
  • Freedo: Hey! Klocknocks! I am Freedo. The one you were shooting at is my friend, Nosh! You made a mistake. Okay?
  • [BLAST!]
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: I forgive you for donuts mishap too.
  • Freedo: I can't tell, are they still shooting at you, or are they shooting at me now?
  • [BLAST!]
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: This harder to navigate than Russian intersection during piroshki festival.
  • Freedo: Wait, who's that second party? Looks like an old-people convention is letting out.
  • Nosh: The grampies seem to be looking for something where the donut table was.
  • [BLAST!]
  • Taneel: Wait, I recognize them. That's the retired assassins guild.
  • Nosh: Maybe I go lie to doddering assassins, say was the Klocknocks throw donut table down shaft.
  • Taneel: Let's not. Their Philosophy is to slaughter and take down the goverment first, ask questions later.
    Plus you have donut powder around your mouth.

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