Freedo's Run 09/11

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  • Nosh: I can't take it any longer!
  • [BLAST!, BLAST!]
  • Taneel: Nosh! No!
  • [BLAST!]
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: Such good donuts!
  • [BLAST!]
  • [Nosh grabs Taneel with a GRAB]
  • [Nosh leaps to the vine with a LEAP!]
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: Is now Earth time when we yodel?
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: Oh. Excuse us very much.
  • [BUMP!]
  • Nosh: Freedo!
  • Freedo: What are you two doing down here?
  • Nosh: Making great sacrifice of free donut table.
  • Taneel: In order to escape from the Klocknocks who are trying to kill us, because they think Nosh is you.
  • Freedo: Wait. What do you mean there were donuts? And you let them be sacrificed? What is wrong with you?
  • Taneel: At least we all have our priorities straight.

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