Freedo's Run 08/11

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  • Nosh: Hey look! The donut table! Freedo wasn't trying to mislead us.
  • Taneel: Excellent idea, we can hide behind it as we roll it across the floor. They'll think it is nothing but an out of control table covered in donuts.
  • Nosh: There will be donuts left?
  • Taneel: Do. Not. Eat. Any. More. Donuts, Nosh. That's our camouflage.
  • Nosh: You're killing me, captain.
  • Taneel: AS a result of this idea? Probably.
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: That sounded like raspberry filled.
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: That had to have been grape.
  • [BLAST!]
  • Nosh: There go lemon. That okay. Lemon good in cookies, but in donuts taste like dishwash liquid.
  • Taneel: Who cares? As long as they're not shooting us.
  • Nosh: Maybe I erase one life debt I owe you.
    This just like dying. But dying inside.

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