Freedo's Run 05/11

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  • [BLAST!]
  • Taneel: You hooligans, you're shooting at Nosh, not Freedo!
  • Nosh: I thought you said trying to clarify was a waste of breath.
  • [BLAST!]
  • [statue sockle reads Manuel Jose Cruz
  • Taneel: No, I said "standing still would result in our final breath."
  • [statue falls with a SKREEEEEEEEEEE]
  • [Nosh catches the statue with a CATCH]
  • Taneel: Thank you, Nosh. At least that's one' less life debt you owe me.
  • Nosh: What? No, I just try to save statue. Some craftsman probably spend whole life on this. A masterpiece.
  • Nosh: Hammering away, sacrificing years of partying and dating, all for final work of beauty. And so I rest it down gently, with care and reverence.
  • [sign reads 3-D Statue Corp]
  • [Johnny reads a magazine called Sports, featuring football/soccer]
  • [a dashboard reads "Make-A-Statue Engine" and has five buttons, "Emperor Conrado I", "Emperor Pablo", "Manuel Jose Cruz", (covered by hand), "Emperor" (covered by hand)]
  • [a bunch of fastfood is next to the machine, labeled "FSTFD"]
  • Nameless character: [off-screen] Johnny, we need another statue of the emperador.
  • [Johnny presses the "Manuel Jose Cruz" button with a PRESS]

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