Freedo's Run 04/11

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  • Klocknock #1: That's Freedo! Get him!
  • Nosh: "Freedo"? Oh, did he come down look for donut table too?
  • Taneel: No, Nosh, they think you're Freedo.
  • Nosh: Oh, only misunderstanding then. Maybe they're not such bad Klocknocks.
  • Nosh: Hello! I'm Nosh! Not Freedo!
  • [BLAST]
  • [Nosh stands there, smiling, while the newly created hole over him smoulders]
  • Nosh: Yes. They only bit confused. Poor little guys. You right. They think I am Freedo.
  • Taneel: Maybe we should try running while they clear their heads.
  • Nosh: You don't think we should stand ground to help clarify? I have cheesecake factory discount card for I.D.
  • Taneel: No.
  • Nosh: Really?
  • Taneel: Really.
  • Nosh: Is this part of bit why you are captain and I'm science advisor?
  • Taneel: A wee bit, maybe.

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