Freedo's Run 03/11

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  • Nosh: I feel so lost, I feel like all good in the universe is gone.
  • Taneel: Is something the matter, Nosh?
  • Nosh: We cannot find donut table anywhere. Maybe freedo just try to get rid of us!
  • Taneel: Ya think?
  • Nosh: Maybe he not want us in crossfire and has slippery escape planned like oiled babushka.
    Oh look, why are those people pointing those guns at us?
  • Taneel: DOWN!
  • [Taneel hangs on Nosh's arm]
  • Nosh: Why you do that?
  • Taneel: I was trying to knock you out of the way before they blasted a hole through you.
  • Nosh: Oh, I see. I was supposed to fall like this.
  • [BLAST!]
  • [Nosh falls like this]
  • [POOM!]
  • Nosh: Next time if you tell me first, I can fall down when you bump into me.
  • Taneel: Maybe I'll write it to you on a postcard.
  • Nosh: Oooh! Love postcards. Maybe you write "wish you were not there where you are standing." It be real funny.

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