Freedo's Run 02/11

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  • Taneel: What happened to get these Klocknocks to want to kill you?
  • Freedo: I accidentally killed one of the.
  • Nosh: But... but... you would not hurt fly. Even if fly old and applied for legal euthanasia.
  • Freedo: Well, more like I didn't actively save his life, which is practically the same thing according to his goons. Did I mention he was a mafia boss?
  • Nosh: If you have trouble, Freedo, we stay and help you like lions.
    Big ones. Not lion cubs, they too cute and funny. I send pictures to your inbox, you will see.
  • Freedo: I couldn't ask you to stayy and put yourselves in danger like that.
  • Nosh: No need to ask, we are like fork already thrust in cake.
  • Freedo: If it weren't for the massive free table of jelly donuts in the lobby, I'd accept your offer.
  • [Nosh freezes with his fist in the air]
  • Nosh: Not doubt you can call if things get hairy.
  • Freedo: If you had stayed, I would have been very worried about you.

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