Cute Things 03/15

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  • Cute Things
  • written & drawn by christopher hastings -
  • colored by anthony clark -
  • 3/15

  • Orla: Ugh.
  • Taneel: Let's go!
  • Nosh: Hey! Sorry you miss it! It was really cute.
  • 'Orla: The mysterious distress call is coming from here?
    From the spooky abandoned ship?
    Weird how it is playing into every cliche of my nightmares
  • Skitter: Yeah, hey... Why is the pilot along for this?
  • Taneel: We might need you to get this thing into the air. Their pilot could be--
  • Taneel: dead.
  • Orla: Don't touch it! It's probably a haunted trap!
    I may be mixing genres now...

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