Conrado Cruz

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Conrado Cruz
supporting character
First appearance:Page 0001
Last appearance:Page 0003
Full name:Conrado Cruz
Nickname(s):Conrado I
Affiliations:IndústriaGlobo, La Familia, Second Spanish Empire
Family:La Familia, five children

Conrado Cruz was a Senior Project Engineer at IndústriaGlobo who found the crashed Ahmis Ship and recreated the Ring Drive. With this power, he started the Second Spanish Empire and was the head of La Familia.


  • 2258. Senior Project Engineer Conrado Cruz has been working at IndústriaGlobo for 18 years, but has now become jobless due to a long-lasting depression. At this time, he has family in Madrid, including five children.[1]
    In the Tabernas Desert, Spain, Earth he is about to discover Ahmis Ship. He is able to recreate the Ring Drive, which will be the basis for the Second Spanish Empire.


  • Conrado Cruz is the first character to appear in the comic on the very first page, very alone and very disillusioned.


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