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The Ahmis ship is a drive ship belonging to Ahmis. Its journey sets the story in motion.


  • The ship has a Ring Drive and is thus able to travel faster than light.
  • It is well built. Damage doesn't spread[1] and other than the inflicted damage, it is in rather good shape after centuries of being exposed to stellar radiation.
    Also, it can land and lift off (probably vertically).
  • It is the first ship to make an appearance in the comic.
  • Controls can be handled with hands (touch screens or similar tactile surfaces) and feet (control sticks), although opposable thumbs might not be a bad idea.
  • It seems to have some sort of stealth technology, as humanity was not aware of its entrance into the atmosphere.[2]
  • The ship has an AI.


  • The ship escapes the planet with its young, inexperienced Pre-Maker as a pilot and then gets hit by a very small piece of ore (<50 mm), which kills the pilot, the ship's systems and the Ring.[3]
  • Without the Ring, the ship falls down to sub-light speed. Largely adrift, the remains of the AI tries to restore the ship for centuries, until it comes across Earth.
  • The ship lands on Earth at 2258. It is then discovered by Conrado Cruz, who makes the ship's technology the basis for the Second Spanish Empire.


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